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There are various levels that will need to be created for the wiki. (To keep it all organised)

For now, please use the Micro Learnings Archive link to create new pages.

How to create and edit new wiki pages:

  1. Click on Micro Learnings Archive from the main page
  2. Click on edit on the top left of the page
  3. In the list of topics, add a new line with the syntax: * [[PAGE TOPIC HERE]] (Placeholder available, please copy/paste and modify)
  4. Press Save page in the bottom of the entry box

Now the page that was edited should have the "PAGE TOPIC HERE" displayed in RED.
If you click on it, it should automatically take you to the edit page dialog.
That is it. Please remember that the input should follow HTML for formatting.

Feel free to use the Upload File link to upload files and link them to created pages.

Please relay any questions to Bolshoy.

Also, all help provided in Wikipedia - Help also applies here.

This is still massively WIP and the functionality will be improved with Templates and Extensions in due course.

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