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Welcome to the Micro Learning Archives.

The various micro learning sessions are enumerated below. Please click on the relevant article to find related information, learnings and links.

Micro Learnings[edit]

  1. Micro Learning One - Testing (Or lack thereof) 'aka Dougettes'
  2. Common Findings in Thruster~Propulsion Control Loops_10th-Oct20
  3. ML1_Requirements Management_DP DEP & V-Model_13th-jul20
  4. ML2_CAM & TAM Concepts_15th-jul20
  5. ML3_Rationalisation of Yellow Status_16th-jul20
  6. ML4_Positioning Standby_17th-jul20
  7. ML5_REDs_20th-jul20
  8. ML6_Title Block Diving_22nd~24th-jul20
  9. ML7_Tag Line Management_27th-jul20
  10. ML8_Point of No Return_29th-jul20
  11. ML9_Generic Title Block Items 1_30th-jul20
  12. ML10_Generic Title Block Items 2_31st-jul20
  13. ML11_Generic Title Block Items 3_03rd-aug20
  14. ML12_Generic Title Block Items 4_05th-aug20
  15. ML13_Generic Title Block Items 5_06th-aug20
  16. ML14_Handling Blues_07th~10th-aug20
  17. ML15_Diving continued_2_13th-aug20
  18. ML16_Diving continued_3_17th-aug20
  19. ML16a_DP Rudder Single Stern Thruster_19th-aug20
  20. ML17_Diving continued_4_20th-aug20
  21. ML18-1_Modes and Features _HLM_24th-aug20
  22. ML18-2_Modes and Features _BA_26th-aug20
  23. ML18-3_Modes and Features _EFC_27th-aug20
  24. ML19_Modes and Features_PGOps_31st-aug~02nd-sep20
  25. ML21_How to be Data Centric_14th-sep20
  26. ML22_Fundamental Concepts-Independence between Control Monitoring & Protection_15th-sep20
  27. ML23_Well Intervention_18th-sep20
  28. ML24_Taut Wire Discussion_23rd-sep20
  29. ML25_FAQs_24th~07th-oct20
  30. ML_Leonardo Intake Discussion_12th-oct20

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