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‘ASOG’s’ and ‘WSOG’s’ are not just guides, they are also a repository for the lessons learnt on all vessels working for Shell or others.

The stories behind these, both in the title block and the main body of the ASOG or WSOG, are getting diluted with time and or changed by ‘Chinese whispers’.

To deal with this as a first pass I have opted to present a number of ‘FAQ’s and ‘FAQYWABDWTAS’ – Frequently Asked Questions You Wanted to Ask But Didn’t Want To Appear Stupid – or FAQACs’.- Frequently Asked Questions and Clarifications

Humans love a story – for a long time this was the only way ideas, knowledge, etc. were passed on -verbally. It is not difficult to imagine there being great evolutionary advantage for those that paid attention to the ‘lesson’s learnt’ both practical and social. Look at any library or bookshop - it’s the fiction out weighs the non fiction by a large factor.

Answers to these FAQ can be agreed, recorded and used consistently in the future.

  1. Why do we need to do this ASOG, we have DP class approval?
  2. Do we need to post the title block near the DP position and ECR?
  3. Why do we need to do this as we haven’t had any incidents?
  4. Our FMEA is for CBT operations not OBT, what do you require?
  5. Will there be any project specific training conducted?
  6. In the event of a yellow or red, who do I have to call first?
  7. Why do we need to test the thrusters at 100%?
  8. Why do we have test DG’s at 100%?
  9. Why do we need to pull off if we need to start or maintain DP related equipment?
  10. Why do we need to test all the thruster emergency stops?
  11. Why do the operators have to witness failure of CPP thrusters to full?
  12. Why aren’t any environmental limits specified?
  13. Why are there so few conditions for a ‘RED’?
  14. What is different between a precautionary yellow and a ‘full yellow?
  15. Will we get more downtime with this ASOG being followed?
  16. What is an ‘ageing blue’?
  17. What is ‘positioning’ standby?
  18. Why do we need to practice on the IJS?
  19. Why do we need to practice on the MTC?
  20. Why do we need to practice transfer between DPCS, IJS, MTC?
  21. Why do we need to come out of bias at a net 20% thrust?
  22. Why can’t we change the center of rotation while inside 500m zone?
  23. Why can’t we use ‘present position’ to stop at the end of a track?
  24. Why should the reaction radius be a reasonable setting?
  25. Why can’t we use the tension signal into the DPCS?
  26. Do we really need to use Heavy Lift Mode?
  27. What do we do if we find a possibility of an inadvertent change of mode?
  28. Why do we have to have the DGNSS on different elevation mask settings?
  29. How and why optimize the DPCS GUI information displayed for the DPO?
  30. If we don’t have a DP alert system (traffic light) how do we warn personnel on board of status?
  31. Why do we have to take care when mixing absolute and relative position reference systems?
  32. Why can’t we make a tandem move?
  33. Why is using low gain a blue?
  34. Why can’t we use consequence analysis instead of thruster limits?
  35. Why is there such a focus on cross connections in low voltage as it is only low voltage?
  36. What do we do about standing alarms showing on the system?
  37. Why is the configuration fixed, I have a thruster than can powered from either side of the switchboard?
  38. Why can we only have max 2 dgnss’s in the pos ref mix?
  39. How many blue’s constitute for a yellow?
  40. A blue is ‘risk assess’; do we need a full-blown risk assessment for each blue?
  41. Why do we need to split the bus; we have a breaker in the HV switchboard?
  42. Why can we not use ‘follow-sub-mode’ inside the 500 m zone?
  43. Why should we enter the 500 m zone on DP and not on manual which is quicker?
  44. What is the difference between a hidden failure and a second failure?

As these are covered, the above points will be struck through and links to the relevant learnings will be added.

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